Location: Bangkok

You are not what you say. You are not what you eat. You are not what you wear or who you hang out with. You are not where you come from. You are not what you did in the past. You are not what people believe you are or what your parents expect you to be. We are none of these things, but at the same time, we are all of these things. We are the unfulfilled promises: the forgotten dreams and broken hearts. We are what we think. You are things you have been through. You are the people you have met and the people that you admire. You are your childhood memories and the memories yet to come. We are all these things, tangle together making the mess we call a “person.” As I see these amazing people I shared this trip with, I wonder what they have been through and how it made them such awesome people. Today we could wake up at whatever time we wanted before 10:30 (thank Jesus because we were all really tired) and then spent the rest of the morning reflecting on what we had done in this trip and how it had helped the community.

At one we went to the market near Siam were we had lunch and had some time for shopping, but not too much because at 2:45 we had to go to the hotel to change because the people in the DPF were doing a goodbye-party for us. We got to the hotel at 3:30 because we got a little lost in the train lines (we went three stations in the wrong way), but still we were all having fun together even though it was raining hard. We got to the hotel and received the news that a pipe had burst in the ceiling of the hallway of our hotel! The carpet was wet, but nothing happened to our stuff. At five we headed out to the DPF and when we got there all the teens from Kloeng Toey we had shared yesterday with were there. It was a really lovely evening, we had amazing Thai food, they made dances and different performances for us, we got to dance for them, and with them, it was all just amazing and wonderful. Then we had to say goodbye, and even though it was hard, it was really beautiful to hear them say that they would never forget us and that they hope to see us again.

We got tothe hotel and talked a little about what we thought had been our high during this trip, and it was interesting to hear each person talking because you see how each person has lived this experience in different ways. After it, we saw a video with photos of the last few weeks and it just felt so good but the same time so sad to see how our relationships had changed and we had become such good friends but now we have to leave. One of the things that were mentioned the most during the discussion about the highlights was meeting all these amazing people and I couldn’t agree more with that. The people I have met here are just amazing and unforgettable and each so different and perfect in each separate way that it just made this trip one hundred times better. I just can’t imagine myself sharing this trip with anyone but them. The kind of memories I have created in these three weeks are the kind of memories that you just keep in your heart forever so you can use them on a cold day to warm your heart. This trip has taught me not only that there is amazing people all around the world but also that love and friendship can go way farther than language barriers or anything else. The kids we worked with in the different projects were incredible too. The just stole our hearts in the few days they had with us and left us with a bunch of amazing memories and teachings that we will never forget. In this trip, I made an incredible number of connections with people that I would have never imagined and I think that has just shown me how amazing life is. This whole trip has been an incredible experience for me that has taught me so much and filled my heart with so many beautiful memories that I think I could never completely explain how grateful I am for all the people that made this trip what it was. Kop Khun Kha.