Location: Xi'an

Last night we stayed over in the hotel in Xi’an. Early in the morning, Hannah, Lily, Scarlet and I woke up to make a pre-breakfast trip to Starbucks, something that we had very much been missing since arriving in China. We were back to the group by 8, in time to make the trip to the first excursion of the day, the outer wall of the city. We were given the option of a tandem or single-rider bike to complete the 9km route on the top of the wall. Having never ridden on a tandem bicycle before, Lily and I decided to make the journey together. We had trouble starting in sync, but once we were moving, we were able to make the trip without much trouble.

After a local lunch, we moved to our next location: a jade workshop. We were given a tour, which included the history of jade and how to differentiate the real and fakes seen in the marketplace. Afterward, we went to the Muslim Street market to do some souvenir shopping. I was able to get Chinese tea. Lastly, we went to the train station to catch an overnight train back to Beijing, which will be a new experience for many people.