Location: Xi'an

First of all, I want to start with a letter for my family and friends (sorry to all of you that don’t speak Hebrew):

שלום משפחה וחברים שקוראים את זה! רק רציתי למסור לכם שהכל בסדר, ושאני ממש נהנת פה. חוץ מזה העברית שלי נהרסת בכל יום שאני כאן יותר ויותר… (כל כך הרבה אמריקאים!!) אה, ואני קונה מלא דברים מגניבים של מאו צה טונג (כובע קומוניסטי וכו’)

Now I’ll get to the blog …

I started my day falling asleep near the bathroom floor, at 5am in the morning. You are probably wondering why did we wake up at such a horrible hour. The reason is very cool and very surprising at the same time. Well, our train got canceled because of the earthquake and flooding. So, our staff had to figure out very fast what to do with us (props to the staff, you were amazing). Very spontaneously, they bought us flight tickets to Xi’an at 8 am (it’s pretty hard to get 20 flight tickets the night before the departure). So that’s how we found ourselves up at 5am, at 6am in the bus, and at 7am in the airport. Oh, and at 10am in Xi’an. I thought it was amazing.

When we got to Xi’an, we met our new tour guide, Daniel. He is a local Chinese who lives in Xi’an. We got on our bus and went to the Terracotta warriors factory (the place where they make replicas). It was interesting to see how they are made now, but there was this feeling in the air, we wanted to see the real thing (and we did later on).

Exactly when everybody started being hungry, we were told that we are going to a small homey restaurant, which was located right next to the Terracotta warriors. We ate quickly (the food was great) and we left for the Terracotta warriors. Well, what can I say about the Terracotta Warriors? You need to be there to understand the beauty. There are thousands of soldiers, each one unique, each one beautifully made; each one has been there for 2000 years. I loved it. I need to mark: if you are going there, go there when it’s not that hot. We were dying from the heat.

Lifeworks doesn’t rest. Never. So after the Terracotta warriors, we went to a museum about Xi’an’s history. I think it was very interesting, even though I was dehydrated so I went to sit outside in the middle. We met a local woman with red hair, so we took a lot of photos with her.

When we got back to the hotel, the staff decided that it’s going to be pizza night!! Everybody got very excited, and that’s how we got to Pizza Hut. We ate so many pizzas (8 full ones!). The way back to the hotel we did on foot, so we got to see the area around us. It was beautiful. Even though it was a tourist area, we got to see a lot of beautiful places. So, after all, I think this was one of the best (if not the best) days in our trip so far.