Location: La Carpio, Hotel Dos Palmas

Today we woke up and ate breakfast of toast, eggs, and cereals in the eating area of the hotel. At around 9 am we all hopped into the bus for a ride to La Carpio, the impoverished community of Costa Rican, for our second day in the town. We walked over to the child daycare center and played with the children of La Carpio and began to sketch and paint about three different murals. Afterward, we left to eat delicious beans, rice, salad, watermelon and bread for lunch. We headed back to the daycare and finished the murals by making a big mess of the paint and having a lot of fun. We then hopped back on the bus back to the hotel and ate lasagna, salad, and garlic bread in the eating area for dinner. After everyone just hung out around the hotel and spent time together making friendship bracelets. To sum today up, Hannah taught herself how to make the impossible friendship bracelet and held lessons, Lucy messed up a lot of friendship bracelets and painted the ocean incorrectly but everything turned out okay, Alissa corrected the wall when Lucy and Kathryn got paint on it, Taylor played with kids that loved her a lot, Sebastian sang a really good solo for us this morning, Kenta drew some really good hands on the wall, Kathryn wrote this blog, and Alex likes sports and did a lot of good things today. Also, Avery designed all the murals and helped everyone.