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Location: Sommer's Bay

We woke up and went to the beach to meat up YEP studies. YEP is a youth empowerment program here in the BVI and we got to hang out with them while we planted mangrove trees. We also cooked a traditional island dish called johnny cakes (which were delicious) Then we played sharks and minnows the ocean with them. Then we moved the boat to a new bay to explore some amazing caves. With a little free time to explore. We were so lucky to come across a huge, wooden, catamaran built in western Africa and sailed to the BVI. It just so happened that the people we met yesterday were onboard! So we were invited onboard to check it out! It was really really cool, nothing made of plastic, everything made of wood. We jumped off the side doing flips and talking with the sailors. After that we moved the boat to Sommer’s Bay for beach BBQ. We are really excited for tonight’s BBQ!