Location: Long Bay

This morning we were treated to waking up to an already underway boat (we didn’t have to raise anchor, sail, any of the above) thanks to our brilliant counselors, we love you Tobeekel. Then we had our most adorable (and hairy, not gonna lie) project yet; we helped out at a dog show. We set up for the dogs, walked the dogs, fell in love with dogs from the shelter, then got our hopes up when the staff members thought it would be funny to convince me I could adopt a dog or a cat and then break the news to me last minute. It was so much fun watching everyone walk the dogs and watch the pooches run around, and we hung out with the Questers too which was fun. After, we all went back to the boat, grabbed our PFDs and proceeded to fall all over each other and laugh at the bow of the boat as we went over some huge awesome swells on our way to Long Bay to anchor for the night. So rad!! Stay tuned to hear more about our awesome British Virgin Islands trip!