Location: China

We arrived in Beijing after a long journey back from Xian, ready to performa flash mob of Call me Maybe in the Beijing train station. This was an assignmentset for us by the staff members while we were on the train. During the 12-hour traintrip, we memorized the lyrics and choreographed the dance moves for it. After ourintense preparation, we performed it in the middle of the train station, in front ofhundreds of people. We had many fans, taking videos and photos of us.When we finally arrived back in the apartment, we got ready and dividedinto two baby-home groups. After our shift we headed towards the park for a soccergame with the group home kids. We also played capture the flag and some othergames.By 5:30, we got back and had Chinese food for dinner. This time we dressedup, as we were waiting for a surprise later that evening.It was karaoke! We had so much fun singing for hours as a group.