Location: China

Yesterday the Lifeworks family ventured in the Forbidden City. Alex, Tze, Emily and I went on an urgent mission… To find the bathroom. At first, we tried asking one of the workers, but she couldn’t give us the directions. Ridiculous right? So Emily and I dashed all over the place, hoping a bathroom would reappear before us. And then, I saw it; A toilet sign. I have never felt so happy that day. Well, I guess I was happier when the four of us sat under the shade together eating peach flavored popsicles.

Later that day, the whole Lifeworks family gathered together in apartment 19. We were all scribbling and banging our pens and pencils against the index cards. With the friction, we created words, special words to be exact, for every individual in our family. I am so excited to receive a card from everyone. It’s a way I can always keep everyone with me, no matter where I go in life.