Location: Manuel Antonio

This morning we woke up early to packed bags and the surprise of morning rain. Ready to leave the hotel in Manuel Antonio, we got on a bus from a whitewater rafting company we would be with for the day. When arriving at the white water rafting headquarters we were given a breakfast of the Costa Rican basics (rice.beans, eggs, and fruit), then headed out on the bus to the drop off point. Along the way, we saw beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Since we were rafting there really weren’t many photos from the day. Once at the drop off point, we split into groups for the rafts which were Katie, Leidy, Chase, Ana, Luisa, Hellie, and JB. The other raft had Elyssa, Loucas, Max, Peyton, and myself. The rafting started really fun and exciting, and everyone was having a great time. When we got to a rapid called Mike Tyson, the raft with the most people from our group flipped over. Everyone who flipped got pretty ruffed up in the rapid and resulted in us cutting the excursion short. We were all pretty shaken up from the accident, but it was able to bring us together and support each other. In the evening we were able to come together and celebrate for Chase’s birthday as a group.