Location: Uvita

This morning everyone woke up around the times between 7:00 to 7:30 to get ready for breakfast and the long day of work ahead. After breakfast, everyone made sure they had their last needed items packed and got on the bus for a short ride to the health center. When we arrived, we saw Francisco (the guy who helped us at La Finca) and another construction guy, Jose, already starting the foundation of the building we were gonna help build. We split off into three different groups: 1 for cleaning the shed, 1 for digging dirt for the building, and 1 for gathering rocks for the base of the building. Once all three groups completed their tasks we started to make cement for us to fill in the base. Little did we know that 3 hours of work had already passed and we needed to head back to our hotel for lunch.

Sitting at the lunch table back at our hotel, everyone was pretty tired, so we got to stay for two more hours and either take naps or watch the World Cup game. When England was in the lead and Colombia scored to bring the game into overtime, JB and Anna decided to let us finish the game before going back to the health center. Once the game was fully over and England had won, a few people in the group were slightly disappointed, but they shook it off, and we got back on the bus to go to the center. When we got there, we were happy to see that a lot of progress was made and that we just needed to do some last things to help. The group went and got five wheelbarrows of new sand and brought it down to make cement. We followed the steps Francisco had taught us and made another batch. After that batch was made and used, Francisco wanted us to bring down five more barrels of sand to finish for the day.

Back at the hotel, all of us took showers and got clean for dinner at a restaurant called The Baker Bean which we found out was pizza! At the restaurant, we had four different kinds of pizza and two different kinds of smoothies. Towards the end of the dinner, I heard a yell coming from Katie after she dropped our room key down and through the crack of the deck. After 20 minutes of fishing for the key, she finally got it, and we left the restaurant.

Overall today was a good day from seeing the progress made at the health center, watching the World Cup, and eating pizza for the first time in over a week, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.