Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Hey parents,

The trip is coming to a close, and our small group has officially completed 100 hours of service! To bring us back to why we all came here our leaders took us ashore on Peter Island where we heard the family history of a man named Conrad. Before he passed, Conrad owned the majority of the island but still lived a simple life and kept the traditional fishing industry alive. His story highlighted the fact that to find peace and happiness one needs little other than the necessities. We all miss the little things from home but we came on this trip to embrace another culture, and I believe that most of us will not just be taking home a certificate that verifies our work but also an appreciation for every opportunity and little thing we are given. Next, I drove us to Norman Island which was a very serious sail because we had to beat the other boat in a competition because they flaunted 1st place medals this morning from past races. We won thanks to my driving skills and some very helpful guidance. Once we arrived, we snorkeled and, for the first time, ventured far beyond the limits that are always set while we are in harbors. Some saw a stingray (which I am mad I wasn’t around for… what I was doing I have no idea), and Maren claimed for the millionth time that she was stung by a jellyfish with no actual evidence. Then we ate quesadillas with salsa (or what Joey likes to call Ragu, IT’S NOT RAGU). We finished up the day with a little packing and cleaning with the sacred disinfecting wipes and 409 cleaner (it’s gold around here, and we are only allowed to use it on special occasions). Making dinner was an experience. Jackson mildly cut his finger dicing pepper, and the boat kicked him out of the kitchen for sanitary reasons, but I took on the responsibility. Unfortunately, this was only after the “chef” put twenty and a half cups of water to make rice (I told you it was an “experience”). Currently, Katie is spraying Febreze on Nel and claiming it’s an accident, but that just about sums up our day. Thanks for reading!