Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up in Great Harbor Peter and were able to sleep in much later than usual, and believe me it was well needed. After a bunch of days of service, we needed our sleep, so it was very pleasant to sleep in until 8:30. Everyone was happy to have french toast for breakfast which is usually the best option on the menus, so it was an amazing morning. With full stomachs, we were ready for some service, and we embarked on a quick sail over to Hodges Creek, Tortola. Our service for the day was to collect data on a mangrove forest that had been planted 15 years ago but had been destroyed by Irma. These mangroves were very important to the ecosystem because they protected the land and animals around them so without them the balance of the entire ecosystem was thrown off — groups of people measured and counted the mangroves as well as collected data to see how the population was doing a year after the storm. Jackson, Joey and I were tasked with finding trash and planting new mangroves, it was sad to see how a once healthy forest was destroyed by 200 miles an hour winds during Irma but hopefully, we were able to plant new ones that will grow shortly. After some work, we headed down to Rhode Town, the capital of the BVI’s for some shore time. Rhode town is one of my favorite places because of the good food and grocery stores so I couldn’t wait to go back. We all called home, stocked up on snacks and drinks and sailed back to Great Harbor Peter to join all of the other AQ boats. It was a very hot day, and we were all eager to shower so it felt amazing and most of us were doing cool jumps off of the deck which was a great end to the afternoon. We then had breakfast for dinner which is also one of my favorite dinners, so I was content with the day. As the trip is coming to a close, it is very bittersweet because after 4 AQ summers here I love this place so much and it feels like home.