Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we set sail and returned to Jost Van Dyke. We were welcomed to the island by Foxy, who was more than happy to entertain us with his amazing stories filled with wisdom and humor. Eventually, we began to work which included painting trim on a house that was beautifully painted by rebuilding island life earlier in the week. Others worked on finishing another house that had been started and was the home of Dexter who became a friend to the people in rebuilding island life. We, preserving paradise, gained perspective into all of the hard work the rebuildings had done, while we saw some of the natures most beautiful sights. I now understand the fatigue my friends Selma, Yousef, Ned, Matt, and Katie felt after a long day in the heat adding a lot of color to the people’s homes destroyed in the hurricane. Although on preserving paradise we still work hard, we get the bonus of the breeze and the blue beyond belief water. After our morning of walking in their shoes in the blazing heat covered in paint (even though Julia and I managed to escape without a drop on us), we got back on the boat. After lunch, I masterfully sailed for like 7 hours. I got to spend some quality time with Admiral Skippy (Elliot) who doubles as my best friend. After a weird sail filled with Elliot’s random outbursts of humor and stupid questions, we made it to our destination for the night (even though it is never about the destination, it is really about the journey). We ate a delicious Mexican meal, many people enjoyed a nice burrito, but of course, Myles had a plan tortilla rolled up with nothing in it. It was a great day, I also bought a really cute shirt:) and I learned how to tack a boat. Currently, I am watching some of the worst dancing ever by Katie, Selma, and Sophie to my girl Beyonce, while David questions if Myles opened the bread (knowing full well he is the culprit).