Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

The soft pitter-patter of the rain was the first thing that we heard this morning. Since we stepped off our planes and onto the boat, it’d been nothing but bright sunshiny days – that is, until today. We experienced on-and-off thunderstorms from the moment our eyes opened until we fell asleep. However, we did not let the rain deter us. Breakfast this morning was the first challenge. Our skipper and mates had a staff meeting early in the morning, so we were on our own to make pancakes and fruit. As a prank on James (one of the mates and our medic), our chefs (Sam and Julia) decided to make him 3 baby pancakes instead of normal-sized ones (although we did have normal ones for him hidden away). Once they came back, he was pleasantly surprised, and we all had a good laugh about it. We then motored over to Scrub Island to top up on water, and then it was back to Trellis Bay for lunch, shopping, phone time, and a beach clean-up. We ate lunch at Jeremy’s Kitchen, then stocked up on snacks at the convenience/grocery store. We all called our families and friends (Hi Mom, Dad, Maren, and pets!) and then headed off for a beach clean-up, only stopping once all of our trash bags had been filled to bursting. After dinghying back to out the boat, we came to Muskmelon Bay for showers, dinner, and sleep. Dinner was delicious – tortellini and chicken Caesar salad – and only had one or two small accidents (I’m looking at you, floor lettuce!). Post-dinner was the Squeeze, which included listing your favorite part of the day and answering a question from the skipper: What is a story that you’ve heard that has stuck with you for ages, and why? Then, it was time to wind down in prep for an early bedtime, as tomorrow begins with a 4:00 am wake up and dawn sail! 🙂