Location: China

Awaking with the flag of love emblazoned on their hearts, the Lifeworks volunteers prepare for yet another exciting adventure. The men awake at a startling 5 am to begin their day with cacophonous singing and tissue throwing. Refueled with delectable milk bags, cereal, and verdant fruit, the students splash their lives onto paper like artists capturing an inner beauty. The simple papers are transformed by drawings and words into living manifestations of the self. This period of introspection soon turns into excitement as the awaited show approaches. Though the intense heat threatens to stymie the adventure, the volunteers successfully reach the phenomenal show hosted by Mercedes Benz. The blind or deaf performers harbor a myriad of talents, both instrumental and vocal. The audience is left awe-struck by the renowned AngelGlory group as it inspires the disabled children to persevere and achieve greatness. A crunched schedule brings the volunteers to a hasty but delicious lunch at the restaurant near the hotel. In the interest of productivity, the volunteers are split as one group goes on an expedition to the baby homes while the other acquires a deeper understanding of Chinese culture through visual stimulation. Those at the baby home scrub the kitchen floors clean of any infernal dirtiness and handle the babies with love and compassion. One special girl, Rose, even tries to pickpocket those with cameras to resume taking pictures of her beautiful nose. Bringing the full trip cycle, the volunteers eat at the restaurant from the first day, signaling the end of acclamation. The rotations are assigned as the student’s prep for the true lifeworks experience and adventure, armed with confidence and love. Bringing the day to a close, Simar leads an entertaining forum about goals and their importance in success. Best of all, everyone is happy and healthy…excited for another fun day here in Beijing, China.