Location: China

Today was an extremely good day for our group. The day started with a bus trip to the foster home, where we met all of the children and babies that were being taken care of there. Everyone in the group seemed to take a shine to the bubbly babies, and we had a very good time seeing all of them and introducing ourselves to them. After a very nice lunch, we took a 45 minute or so bus ride to the Great Wall. We decided to take the stairs all the way up, and it was certainly a workout! Some went faster than others, but then everyone got to see the breathtaking view from the top of the wall. Lush green trees shone brightly in contrast to the spotless summer sky, all of the conditions aligning for the perfect picture taking day. We took a toboggan ride down to the base of the hills, and then took a bus back to the hotel where we showered up and had a great dinner at a local restaurant! An amazing start to an amazing trip.