Location: China

The day began without power in the apartment, until Tashi was able to fix the circuit! After our typical breakfast of knock-off cereal, we broke off into our groups—one section going to the baby home, one to the school of the group home kids, and three people as chefs. Elise, Prae, Christian, Simar, and Fye arrived from their night shift tired, as they had barely slept all night, but also excited about the work they had done. At the baby home, the Lifeworkers played with the toddlers and comforted crying babies. They watched as Jin Man tried to hold Wen Wen’s hand, and she playfully hit him in the face! The group home volunteers taught the older kids how to give directions before playing endless games of war and fish. After a delicious lunch of hot dogs and baked beans, we headed into the city to visit the Chinese Ethnic Minority Park. Most of us found a quiet spot to play Uno or talk instead of visiting the replicas of real Chinese tourist attractions. After that, we headed back to the hotel and ate at our favorite restaurant.