Location: China

Today we went back to our normal rotations, splitting between baby home, chefs, and teaching the group home kids. Last night was the first night shift at the baby home. They were exhausted all day but still can’t wait to go back. For lunch, the chefs, Jordan and Tiphanie, made great spaghetti with sauce. After lunch, we went to the Art District 798 in Beijing. There were lots of shops and art galleries to go through that were in old communist factories. We all ran into each other at a New Zealand café. Many of us got small desserts and, iced coffee, or pizza. From the art gallery, we went to what is considered to be the most appraised Tibetan restaurant, Makye Ame. We tried many different dishes, including yak’s tongue. During the dinner, there was a show with singing and dancing. It was cool because Tashi is from Tibet so that he could explain the meal and culture to us. After props and a sing-a-long on the bus, we went back to our rooms and got ready for bed. Author:  Brianna