Location: Amubri/Talamanca, Limon

Day 7. Today we started the day with a short lesson in Bribri (one of the indigenous languages). By the end of the lesson, we learned how to count from 1-10, say a few common phrases, and learned a few animal names. After that, we went on a tour through an indigenous farm. On the tour, we tasted many exotic fruits as well as fresh sugar cane. Then we took a short walk to the nearest school where one of our guides, Jordi attended when he was young. He told us that around 13-20 kids presently attends this school. We took off shortly after the school tour ended. We hopped onto the rusty local bus and successfully crossed the wide river in the narrow boats again. At the other end of the river stood our trusty bus driver who helped us get on board before he began his drive to the next destination. We took a quick stop at a nearby village where some of the girls had to buy longer shorts, and we were able to get food and then we were off again to our next destination. Our next destination was a local chocolate factory. During the tour, we got a short but detailed explanation of how chocolate is made and afterward, she let us try the ten flavors that the tiny factory produces. After that, we headed to a beach. As a person living in the cold northwest, the beach was an amazing experience. Never have I ever swam in water so warm! However, we spent too much time searching, so our swim in the Caribbean was short. Then finally we made our way to a small hotel near Limon were we would stay for one night. When we arrived, we had around 30-minute s before we ate dinner and participate in a short forum. After all, we had experience in the past few days we had a lot to talk about. Finally, as it turned dark, the 12 pack took one last dip into the swimming pool before retiring to their designated rooms.