Location: Bangkok

We began our day with a Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, class at a studio near our hotel. It was fun to have a change of pace, and we even found some naturals in our group! We all enjoyed learning how to do the punches, elbows, knees, and kicks that make up the famous and popular Thai sport, and also realized what a workout it is! We then got back to the hotel and had a pool party, aka lunch by the pool. Today is also Carolyn, one of our program leaders, birthday and we had a cake of mango with sticky rice to celebrate. After getting cleaned up, we headed to the Duang Prateep Foundation one last time to review the program with them and give our feedback. We also received gifts from the DPF staff as well as some of the Thai students that we have been spending time with over the past three weeks. They also brought out another cake for Carolyn’s birthday! Our night ended with a dinner out with the staff from DPF and a little bit of karaoke. It is sad that we will be saying goodbye so soon, but we will enjoy our last day in Bangkok tomorrow!