Location: Ollantaytambo

After our two days of getting over illness and travel, we were ready to relax at Ollantaytambo. To start the day, we rode up to the Piuray lagoon near the Chinchero community. Once we changed into our bathing suits, we set out paddle boarding across the lagoon along with our guides. Nearly two hours and a couple tumbles into the chilly water later; we returned to shore to eat lunch. We soon finished lunch and took the van to a textile. There we met the weavers and llamas and got to see the process of taking raw wool and making it into finished products. After some shopping at the textiles and playing with the guinea pigs there, we returned to the house and finished the day with dinner at Puka Rumi. Through these relaxing activities, today has drawn us closer to the communities that we hope to help with our service.