Location: Cuzco

Over the past two days, we had a lot on our hands. Thursday was relaxed for most of us while we were hoping that David and Abby were feeling better. At the hotel, we either rested in bed all day or played games and sang songs. The next day Friday the 28 we woke up and we found that David and Abby were feeling better and would definitely be traveling with us. Soon enough, we got on the road. Our first pit stop was the llama and alpaca zoo. We saw probably like 5-10 different types of llamas and alpacas. For the last activity, we went road biking. We went up, down and straight for 27 kilometers. The entire bike ride was through Sacred Valley, where they grow a lot of crops like corn and potatoes- Peru has the most varieties of each of any country in the world! Then we made it to the hotel and watched Copa America.