Location: La Carpio

Today was our last day working with the children of La Carpio. We set up the reading and play center for the young children. It was a very fulfilling experience because we saw the difference we made in many of the children who craved attention, love, and hugs. However, like many things in La Carpio, this task came with a challenge. Not only did we have to entertain the children, but we also had to keep the center under control! At the end of the day, Gavin’s face was decorated with marker, cat whiskers and ears. Unexpectedly, a group of troublemakers around the age of ten decided to hang around the reading center and disrupt the peace.

Nevertheless, our group of valiant leaders were able to solve the problem. The other half of our group worked on building a wall in a house of Dona Ester. After sitting down to hear her empowering story, we were all motivated to give her any help we could. After a long days work, we all took a trip to the supermarket. Many of us decided to bake for our host families as a token of our gratitude. Although our stay isn’t over, they have done so much for us already.