Location: La Carpio

We started our second day in La Carpio by finishing off some unfinished work.  We completed both of our murals and built a floor for a family. The murals contained positive influence for the people of La Carpio. The two murals brightened up the community and helped to erase some negative exploit in artistic ventures (such as graffiti). While completing the murals, patrons of our artistic exhibit paused and observed the insightful and positive messages (respect, intelligence, education, encouragement, dreams for the future, setting goals, hope, etc.). It made us feel appreciated and encouraged future work for citizens of La Carpio. While some were finishing the mural, another group helped build a cement floor for a family. Overall just feeling appreciated showed our impact on the community. The house was home to a 7-year-old boy named Israel who suffered a stroke when he was very young. This little boy was so pumped for this project and even helped us a shovel. It was great to see his progress from paralysis to mobility. In addition to the other endeavors, the reading zone was up and thriving again. It was great to see the exchange in education having them read to us, and us read to them. Some children even drew pictures that represented their dreams for the future. Even though it was only our second day working in La Carpio, we could sense our impact and observe a positive change.