Location: Manuel Antonio and The Finca

Today we started at the beach and ended at the Finca. We had a 6:30 wake up call. It felt too early, but the sun had beat us up so I suppose it could have been earlier. We “broke fast” with a feast fit for a king (even a Lannister!) There was fruit, orange juice, rice and beans, french toast, pancakes, and eggs. It brightened the mood a bit. We left by 7:15 for a 2.5-hour bus ride. For the first portion of the ride, the majority slept or read. About halfway through the ride, Mainor, the driver and a very nice man stopped at a souvenir shop. We got out for the bathroom and to possibly buy some last minute souvenirs and found to our delight a snack store! Milkshakes, smoothies, candy, chips, soda, and gum. What better supplements for a bus full of teenagers at eight in the morning? I indulged in a chocolate cookies and cream milkshake and an unknown candy with the appearance of a white ball that tasted like coconut. It was a wonderful spirit lifter, especially as my book Game of Thrones, was becoming increasingly grim.

After another hour of travel, we arrived at the Finca. We had about 15 teenagers from La Carpio waiting for us. The goal was to work with them. The feeling was a little awkward for both parties as we tried to tell them how to build a bunk bed without being controlling. Camille and Juan, our translators, had to learn the whole process and teach people with us, swapping from language to language impressively. They were both incredible! While most of the group focused on sawing, drilling, and hammering 2 bunk beds into being, Dom, Ally, Hugh, and Camille (when she wasn’t translating) built a door. From scratch! It was an incredible feat of engineering. While we were working in the “workshop” upstairs a rotating group of people were towing dirt in a wheelbarrow to the beach we had created a retention wall for earlier in the trip. There was a short break at mid-day for pizza, and then we went back to work. The teenagers left early but we continued to work on the projects filling in most of the beach area, finishing two bunk beds and completing the door. It was an incredibly productive day. We went home to our families and then closed our eyes on another great day.