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Location: Manuel Antonio

Today was our second day at the beach. We had a later wake up, 8:00 AM, and had a delicious breakfast at our hotel (Mono Azul) which consisted of pancakes, French toast, eggs, rice and beans, and fresh fruit. Then we headed off to the beach. We rented beach chairs, umbrellas, and surf boards. Although the waves strong, we persisted in learning how to surf. Everyone who tried was successful.For lunch, we drove to a delicious restaurant called The Wagon. One could argue that it was the best food we have had all trip. During our meal it started to pour outside, yet we still went to the beach after we were done eating. Some of us went back to the beach to play soccer outside, and others went shopping. We all met up afterwards and took a quick dip in the ocean just to rinse off before coming back to the hotel. The tide was extremely high. We only had to take a few steps off from the sidewalk in order to meet the ocean water. We arrived back to the hotel around 5:00 PM and went for a brief swim in the pool. Then everyone showered and came to the dining hall for dinner. Now, we are currently sitting at the dinner tables together playing Catch Phrase. For parents who don’t know what that is, look it up.