Location: The Galapagos

Today was our last day of community service work. We hiked up a steep muddy hill in the rain to get to the place where The Galapagos National Park were regrowing plants that were becoming extinct. They showed us the part of the forest that was planted by a previous Lifeworks trip a few years back. In just a few short years, those itty bitty plants that first Lifeworks trip had grown had already become a big chunk of the forest. This is what we planned on doing again. To start, we had to pull some ferns out that were taking up the planting space. As we did this, our guides were quickly making holes because they did not expect us to work so fast. When it came time to start planting, we were all prepared to spend hours putting plants into the ground and covering them with dirt, but instead, we planted 500 plants in only an hour. By the end, we were all wet and covered in dirt. You could say we were all in need of a well-deserved shower. After scrubbing vigorously at the mud on our skin, we were finally clean from head to toe. Once everyone was ready, we went to The Galapagos National Park Museum and received a certificate for our hard work. After posing with our certificates for the cameras, we headed to a restaurant with a TV so that we could watch the World Cup. Most of us were rooting for Argentina, but there were some Netherland fans in the group also. But Argentina won, and we all cheered and clapped very loudly with the locals. Later tonight, we ate some ice cream and sat on volcanic rocks looking out at the water and the beautiful boat lights. It was a great way to end a rewarding day.