Location: The Galapagos

Today we went to the Galapagos National Park’s Tree Nursery to do some service work. We spent our time pulling weeds, watering plants and mixing soils. I loved seeing the entire group work hard together. It’s also amazing to be a part of such an amazing program; I don’t know many people who get to work with the Galapagos National Park as a teen. After we finished our work for the day, we walked out to an orange tree and got to eat fresh oranges. Then we took about a 30-minute drive back to the hotel. After a good day of work, we all decided to get milkshakes together at the Top Rock where they had the World Cup playing. The whole place got so into the game. Unfortunately, it was a let down because Brazil lost. Once we were done with our milkshakes, we headed out to do some shopping. We saw some animals while we were exploring including herons, seals, and iguanas. This was one of my favorite parts of the day. The animals here are like no other. I’m just so thankful to have the opportunity to see such cool things. For dinner, we went out to a place called Galapagos Planet. I’ve never had such a good hamburger in my entire life. When we got back to the hotel, we met for a forum on perspectives and perceptions then played some games with everyone one on the roof. The games were so much fun and hilarious. This was my other favorite part of the day because I love getting to see everyone have a great time together! Tomorrow is our hardest day of service yet, and I am very excited to see what our group can accomplish when working hard together.