Location: Great Barrier Reef

Whasup readers, I missed ya’ll; time for the final chapter of extreme blogs. I know… I’m crying too. Well, today we awoke into our last day on the diving boat with ProDive. A great round of applause to the lovely crew that kept us safe and got us through a ton of dives on the reef. Due to some ear issues, I stayed out of the water for the early morning dive. Shaun, Carolyn, and Kyler went and found Nemo. The dive I WAS able to go on was, fortunately, my favorite dive so far. There was a ton of colorful coral and so many different kinds of fish. After we cleaned and turned in all our diving gear like fins and such, we adjourned homeward. On the way home our counselor Carolyn spotted a hammerhead shark at the surface. (What does our counselor do in December? SHE GOES CHRISTMAS CAROLYN) A tad bit of comedic uplift for y’all. The boat ride home was very rolly, and Samara felt a little seasick (I’m on a seafood diet… when I see food I eat it. The last one I promise), but we all hung out up on deck and enjoyed the sun and view on the ride. Once we reached land we checked back into the same motel we were at before and had some time to shower and relax. We had a pizza dinner and then did a forum with black and white cards. I now reach the end of my go beyond blogging career. I loved every second and all of your parents. I’m gonna miss ya’ll so much, and since I’m bad at goodbyes….