Location: West End, Tortola

We had an early awakening this morning beginning with a hike at five in the morning up Spyglass Hill for the second and final time this trip. We had previously hiked up this trail on the second day of the program, and this was an amazing opportunity to reflect on our whole trip and reminisce about memories from the past three weeks. Along the way up the steep hill, we collected two rocks– one that we thought was pretty and one that we thought was ugly. Once we were looking over the view, we threw the ugly rock down with characteristics that we wanted to let go of or fix, and we kept the pretty rock to represent all of the good aspects of this trip. Then, we had a race day with ActionQuest, so I got to attend a meeting with all of the skippers. It was so exciting to race with sail side and put our skills to the test! Even though we came in dead last, the whole sail was so much fun and great ending event. We then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the entire boat and packing up everything, which was sad. We are currently getting ready for our final barbecue tonight and our last night together!