Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We woke up in the beautiful Grey Harbor and ate some delicious oatmeal. Once we were all ready for the day we all hopped into the dingy to go to Therman’s house. Therman is a native to Peter Island who moved to New York for quite some time but returned to Peter Island to take care of his families land and live a simple life. When I say simple life I mean life without running water, no electricity and he fishes for a living. We all helped out Therman by building a stone wall, raking leaves, trimming bushes and picking up garbage. After we were done helping out Therman, Toran took us to an exclusive resort that was five minutes away from Therman’s house. It showed us two completely different lifestyles that were five minutes apart. We all sat out on the beach and discussed the choice of being happy. We were suddenly interrupted by the rain, so we all headed back to our boat in the dingy. We had some swim time while the staff made lunch. All of the sudden more rain came, and it was torrential down poor, and we all played in the rain. When the rain lightened up, we headed to The Bight to drop anchor and meet up with all the other Action Quest vessels. Then I helped Gillian the chief of the day cook a delicious dinner. After dinner, we had closing program, we all got little note cards to write something nice to every one of our shipmates including staff.