Location: Marina Cay

When we woke up today, we started the morning with yummy bagels and eggs. Our boat was granted the privilege of going to port in Anegada; we found ice-cream and all sorts of fun snacks. Although our shopping time was short, lots of people found cool t-shirts and souvenirs to bring back for friends back home. After port time was over, we embarked upon Shazam (our boat) and got ready to set sail for Marina Cay. Our sail was very windy, but beautiful, although wearing PFD’s (life jackets) for 3 hours sucked- those things are not enjoyable when you are steering a boat. Once we arrived, we ate lunch and then got ready to learn about Lion Fish. We took our dingy over to the other Go Beyond boat and listened to a presentation about the invasive species of Lionfish. Once the talk concluded, we, not so gracefully, hopped off the boat in our snorkel gear ready to take on the adventure of the Lion Fish Hunt. We didn’t end up finding any Lionfish, which wasn’t exactly disappointing because we didn’t look very hard haha. We ended our day with an inspiring talk by Jim Tuman and then headed off to a sweet slumber.