Location: Anegada

Today’s splendor was marked by many events and facets of varying significance, many of which likely changed my worldview for years to come. Bright eyed and bushy tailed peacefully before 7 am, the cast and crew of Shazam enjoyed passed hors d’vours and oatmeal at the expense of our wonderful butlers. Beauty is defined abstractly the beholder holds the capability to command and manipulate such important concepts. I like to imagine that we found beauty in today’s hot monotony speckled with sitting on stained concrete and the aroma of old fish. We spent eight hours united on the docks of Anegada’s Fisherman’s Wharf waiting for an alternating band of three environmental enthusiasts to go out on a dingy to encounter, detain and subdue green sea turtles. Once one group would go out on their hour-long quest, the remaining souls bonded over complaints and hunger our lesser companion boat had forgotten. When a group returns with a sea turtle, a blanket of silence falls over the festering concrete dock as ‘research mode is embodied. A staff of highly trained 16-year-olds led by highly trained 26-year-olds would then tag and measure the beasts from the ocean carefully and silently. Nine such groups were sent into the great unknown to find Lil’ turtles as time was passed with word games, banter, and joy. After eight hours of fun times, we left our refuge on the dock to cook Thanksgiving Summer. On the way back to the dinghies, we shared a constructive and fun-tastic conversation on gun control, the current President, and Israeli policy. The golden sunset on our beautiful yacht after a delectable supper where an aura of accomplishment, bliss, and camaraderie gleamed.