Location: Anegada

So today we woke up to eat breakfast and started our day right away. All of us docked on Anegada, and we split up in groups, most of us went to go clean a Methodist Church, and Elliot took about ten people to come with him to build a fence that had fallen due to the BVI hurricane, and they also cleaned up a close friend’s house. David grabbed some of the church clean-up group to walk over to a local school to help with fixing a basketball court, working with people from Tortola and Anegada. I stayed at the church and helped move dead trees and branches in a huge pile so the fire department and came to burn all of it. The whole day was pretty calm and went pretty smoothly; the sun wasn’t too strong, so we weren’t getting extremely exhausting like other days. During lunch, all of us gathered up together again for PB&J’s or chicken salad sandwiches. After lunch, we got back to work and finished up what needed to end the day. The group that I was in really did put a lot of effort, and I was proud of all us for accomplishing what we had cleaned up, and from what I heard all the groups accomplished a lot in just one day. Overall today was a very rewarding part of our international volunteer program, and I felt that all of us got something out of it, I’m glad that we had the chance to help out the community to clean up a place that everyone comes to join together.