Location: Anegada

Waking up this morning was a little difficult after an intense night of dancing and virgin pina coladas. We started the day with loads of french toast and then hit the shore for an hour. Some of us bought t-shirts, others bought massages, but all of us bought enough snacks to all the cabinets to the brim. Then we raised the anchor, left the dock and sailed toward the island of Anegada. When we arrived, we were all extremely surprised at how flat the island was, especially compared to the other islands of the BVI which are somewhat mountainous. Our mission for the day was to search for as many cool artifacts as we could while we collected plastic from the beaches of the islands. The go beyond crew split up into three teams and then we stormed the beaches and got to work. While we were working, many people saw some unique animals such as sharks, stingrays, and flamingos, as well as the cows that roam the islands and take up all of the road space. When we were done with the cleanup, we decided to watch the sunset as we were waiting for the truck to pick us up and go back to the dock. When we finally got back to the boat, we were greeted by David who had impaled his foot on a broken bowl. After his wound was treated, we had dinner and made of for a missed squeeze yesterday.