Location: La Carpio & La Finca

For the second student-led day, we decided to break up into two groups. One group would go into La Carpio to paint an inspiring dream wall, while the other half took on building new benches. In La Carpio, we got the chance to roam the streets and ask locals what their dreams for the future were. We also danced with some of the kids to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. The kids were laughing and singing.  Even though we were enjoying ourselves tremendously, some people just stared at us thinking we were crazy gringos! But once we were done with the mural, kids and adults alike came to read what the dreams of the town were and some even wanted to add their own to the wall.

Meanwhile, the other half of the group worked at La Finca. We were all excited to begin working on the new benches because the old ones were rotten and termite-ridden. While we waited eagerly for the lumber to arrive, we began painting a hangout area near a fire pit and planted corn in their garden. Once the wood arrived, we went straight to sawing, hammering and drilling. What seemed like a million screws later, we had finished four beautiful benches. We ended the day with what I remember most. After mural painting and bench making, it was the talent show. What stood out to me most about this specific event was not just the awe I was left in after watching each of my dear friends share something close to them, but the happy and true joy that was shared amongst the host families, students, and guides. Through cake, dancing, singing and a video compilation of us dancing around La Finca and La Carpio to Happy, we shared more than a few giggles and hugs.