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Location: La Carpio

Our last couple of days working were those of our creation.As a group, we decided to travel back to La Carpio for service in the neighborhood.Our initial plan was to paint what we called a dream mural where we would engage the citizens by asking for them to share their dreams with us and paint them on the wall.However, the weather did not permit a mural.Instead we decided to build bunk beds and carried cement blocks to a woman’s home to help build a wall.Although building a few things in a home only helps a few people, those few people are part of a community.That community is part of a bigger picture.If a people are happy in a section of a community then at least some sense of hope is being created to ultimately shine on that bigger picture.We aim to help and even if it only affects a few, we at least made some change and helped out someone other than ourselves.And in that sense, taking a step back at our effectiveness was like a mural.The smiles on the families faces just from a couple of wooden beds made a difference in their homes and a bright spot in their community.