Location: Manuel Antonio & Kids Saving the Rainforest

We all came to Costa Rica for various reasons, whether it be to help an impoverished community, work with exotic animals, or to acquire new experiences. Us animal lovers had the great fortune to volunteer at the Kids Saving the Rainforest sanctuary this morning and to learn about a plethora of animals. Our experience was enriched by our exuberant host, Chip, who catered to our every need and made us feel most welcomed in his little sanctuary. However, it wasn’t all work and no play today, seeing as we had the opportunity to relax on the tranquil beach and swim to our heart’s content. A high point of the day, however, was our planning session concerning our student-led service days. All 14 of us were able to transform our convoluted and dispersed ideas into a concise and fluid two-day plan. It was no easy feat and required almost a days worth of planning but the sense of accomplishment, once the task was completed, was incomparable.