Location: Sacred Valley

Along the bus ride from Cusco, we stopped at a llama and alpaca farm. We were able to pet and feed the animals, and some of us even took selfies with them! Then, we drove to Pisaq, an old Incan town, and agriculture area. The hike to the top of the ruins was very tiring due to the high altitude, but the view was amazing and well worth it. After a lunch stop in the town below the ruins, we rented mountain bikes to ride through the valley. Some of us had some serious issues with the mechanics of the bikes, but it was beautiful scenery to ride through. While we rode our bikes, we passed many different animals such as pigs, bulls, donkeys, and horses, which was quite exciting. We then boarded the bus and drove to our new accommodations, which are quite lovely! We were served a delicious dinner at the lodge, and then some of us passed out after the exhausting day while others decided to hang out and play games. All in all, today was a great day, and we got the experience one of the most beautiful landscapes in Peru!