Location: New Delhi

Most of us woke up early due to our time differences, and killed time until we had a great breakfast at the hotel. From there we had our orientation and loaded into the vans to see Delhi. We drove for a while, observing the sights and sounds of India and stopped at the Red Fort. We were immediately approached because locals wanted to take pictures with foreigners, because as Claudia says, “white people are as rare as breezes in India.” We were in awe of how beautiful the fort was, especially since it was built in the 17th century. Then we had a delicious lunch of Indian food and headed to Gandhi’s house. It was an inspiring experience to see all the photos and quotes, and the second floor had an amazing interactive media exhibit that included the use of sight, sound, and touch. Delhi has given us new experiences, I for one can say it was the first time I’ve shared the road with bicyclists, camels, monkeys, cows, oxen, and horses. As Jampa says, “Anything that moves can be found in the streets of India.” Despite the extreme heat and humidity, we made it through the day, and all enjoyed showers when we got back to the hotel. We are all excited for our flight to Dharamsala tomorrow, and India has proven to be SOOOOOOO NICE.P.S. Hi Mom and Dad!