Location: New Delhi and Dharamsala

Today, we embarked on our voyage from New Delhi to Dharamsala. Upon arriving at the New Delhi airport, we were met with the unfortunate news that our flight had been delayed forty-five minutes. Later, it was delayed an additional 30 minutes, followed by another 30-minute delay. The flight itself was certainly pleasant enough, and it was relatively brief, with the total transit time being just under one hour and thirty minutes. After our arrival, we gathered our luggage and began a long and perilous drive along poorly paved mountain roads until we reached the monastery where we will be staying. We also visited the Dalai Lama’s temple just before having dinner. Dinner was fantastic, and the restaurant had a guitar. Daniel was happy to finally be able to practice on the aforementioned guitar. All in all, it was a relatively good, if somewhat stressful day.