Location: Dharamsala

Our first full day in Dharamsala started with a delicious breakfast at Common Ground, Wen, and Jampas caf. We shared big portions of pancakes, potatoes, toast, and homemade flatbread. Of course, we also had generous helpings of Nutella on almost everything. After digesting for a bit, the group was split into teams and given over twenty things to do as part of a scavenger hunt to introduce us to the town. Our adventurous morning included learning to sing and dance a Hindi song as well as taking a photo of a group member with two cows in the same shot! For lunch, we had a delicious meal at Chonor House, a restaurant designed in the same way as Norbulingka (a replica of the Dalai Lamas summer palace). We got to sit at a low table and try traditional Tibetan meals such as thentuk and lamb momos. After having gotten to know the shops a little bit in the morning, the leaders decided to trust us to go shopping for a few hours (good thing were responsible!) We explored the jewelry stalls and the bag shops and started our first shopping session of the trip. As we get to know the town better and better, there will be many more purchases to come, I’m sure. We are all excited to start with our mutual learning partners and TCV children tomorrow, so we are getting a full nights sleep. Good night!