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Location: Dharamsala

Teaching brings a whole new meaning to the first day of school. It was incredibly different for each of us to have to teach such a large group, and we all had different experiences. As some were better than others the children werent the only ones learning. The games we learned as children now had different names and became more complicated. It was amazing to see how eager each child was to learn. We also met our mutual learning partner, since this meant an older age group we were a bit more nervous. Luckily the moment everyone was introduced all tension was lost. We could sense enthusiasm and effort to learn which encouraged us. Once we were able to sit down and learn about them we couldnt believe how hard the lives of Tibetans in exile were. Many had to escape from Tibet and left their families with their home. The lives they led up to settling in Dharmasala werent like anything we would have imagined. We also couldnt have imagined how many different perspectives would have been expressed with todays forum. The other day I remembered the group having a small conversation on the death penalty; since I didnt know too much about it I thought it would be enlightening to hear everyones information on the subject.P.S. Mom and Padre, please dont send my birthday presents in the mail… If you do they will probably get here by the time Im home. MISS YOU GUYS!