Location: Somers Beach, Tortola

This morning we woke up in Muskmelon Bay and had scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins for breakfast ( which are way better than cranberry orange). Some people from Quest came to our boat to spend the day with us, and we sailed to Lee Bay to turtle tag. We went in three dinghies, and each looked for turtles in different places in the bay, but we all came up empty handed, so we went to a bat cave near the bay. We went into the cave with the dinghies, and when we turned off the motor, we could hear the bats. When we got back to the boats, we had tortilla soup for lunch and then motored to Monkey Point to look for turtles again. We split up into groups again, and after about ten minutes my group spotted a turtle, but it got away before we could catch it. We looked for about another forty-five minutes until we saw another turtle. This time we caught it, and we brought it back to the boat to record data on the turtle and tag it. We caught a Hawksbill turtle, and we were the only boat of the day to catch one. After we finished tagging the turtle, we sailed to Somers beach to have a BBQ with ActionQuest and had a movie night.