Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today I woke up with the sunrise, which I believe is way too early. Then waited 30 minutes to wake everyone else up; they were already up though so it was not to difficult. We then ate French Toast while Torin, Matt, and Anna met about what we would be doing today. Then most of us went up to the bow and just relaxed. Once they finished, we motored from Marina Cay over to Guana Island. Once there we all applied loads of sunscreen and had the other Lifeworks boat Spindrift II rafted next to us. We joined boats, and we either went out on the dinghies to waterski, sailed around in little Pico’s, or swam around the boat. First I went swimming and jumped off the bow of the boats, while taking selfies with Colby, Courtney, Eliza, Sam, and Carly, S, mi and Lydia from Spindrift. Then I sailed a Pico with Mariela and we had a race with Will and Jake in one boat, and Carly and Ryan in the other, we raced then twice around the Catamarans and beat them both!

After that,I ventured up to the bow with Maya, Katherine, and Riley, where Maya got Sam out in our boat wide game of Assassin with a very ingenious ploy. There I relaxed for about an hour with all of us just talking and chilling. Then Will, Eliza, Carly and I went out on a dingy with Matt and did water sports. I went waterskiing for the first time in a year and it was such an amazing experience to do in such a beautiful place. We then came in and I went back to the bow that now had Colby, Elliot, Will, Mariela, Katharine, Maya, and Gabe from Spindrift, where we just talked and had a lot of fun. Then all of us took a saltwater shower and the chefs of the day Sam and Courtney started making dinner which was Chili and Rice. I went back up to the bow with Mariela, Will, Katharine, Elliot, and Katie, where we watched a gorgeous sunset and talked. We then ate dinner where we all managed to laugh more than we talked and just had random spouts of laughing that lasted for a long time. We did tonight’s and yesterday’s squeeze questions and then cleaned up after dinner. Today was a great day filled with lots of laughing and bonding within the boat and with Spindrift II.