Location: Marina Cay

Because of the rain, today started slower than we all had hoped it would, but as always managed to stay positive. Whether it be dancing on the bow or listen to some music, we kept smiles on our faces through the largest amount of rain we’ve endured on this trip. This fun was followed by watching a short documentary about sea turtles. The documentary ended, and the rain continued to come down. There wasn’t much left to do but sail to our next destination, Marina Cay. One would think with all the bad weather; there would be some pretty strong winds. At least that’s what I thought, but I was mistaken. During our sail, the boat went an average of about 7 miles per hour, but luckily that slow sail gave people not involved some time to get some more much-needed rest. After about 3 hours we made it into Marina Cay. We enjoyed dinner as a boat and then we attended a forum with all of ActionQuest and the other Lifeworks boat. We heard about the importance of appreciating all the wonderful people and things you have in your life. Overall today was a pretty relaxing day with a lot of water added, and all of us are looking forward to tomorrow!