Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We woke up after a good nights sleep this morning at 7:30 for Dock Talk with Mike on day 2. It was not the best way to wake up, with rain coming on and off throughout most of the morning. Went over general info and gave us some good Monday Motivation. After Dock Talk, we set out from the West End of Tortuga, where we had been since arrival and embarked on a two-hour sailing journey to Roadtown. Me being the Skipper for the day, I was responsible for driving the boat assisted by the one and only Beez, as well as help from Will and Jaden. But while they were focused on taking care of our sails, I had to make sure all went to plans at the wheel of the boat. Once we arrived at Roadtown, we took our swimming test, and everybody passed with ease. Got back to the boat and loaded food for the entire programs dinner onto our boat, making us late for dinner tonight. We start our long ride back and with my back and shoulders already sore from steering the wheel and having Beez telling me what direction to go; I didn’t know if we could make it. About halfway through, Mike made the call letting us know he was on his way to pick up food for some other boats. He came a couple of minutes later looking like nothing less than a hero on his tiny speedboat. We made the transaction with ease and made our way back to our final destination where we are staying tonight, in Savannah Bay. The day has me exhausted, but learning how to steer a sailboat was genuinely an amazing experience. Steering a boat while having the British Virgin Islands and all of its beautiful glory to admire is quite honestly a mind reliever and can take away any fear or doubt you may have had about this trip. An amazing day, with 14 left to go.

Sincerely, Jeremy Lipetz