Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started the day by sailing from Savanna Bay to Spanish Town; we had oatmeal and yogurt, also known as yugort on our boat. After cleaning up, we had some downtime, and JB riled up the crew with some riddles, and everyone practiced their rat dance. We then headed to shore on dingos, hopped on the taxis and headed to Copper Mine National Park. Once we got there, we learned a bit of the history of the park, then climbed around looking at the beautiful boulders and ocean. We found like these huge tide pools full of crystallized salt they were soooo cool, and everyone wanted to play with the salt. After having a lil fun, we focused up and starting to clean up the beach; once we got all the trash we could, we headed up the road to another beach and spend a good amount of time collecting trash. There was all kinds of stuff like ghost fishing lines, tons of water bottles, a few children’s toys, microplastics, and so many other things.

After our cleanup, we sat on some rocks and BZ taught us about the seven types of plastics: PET,LDPE,PVC,HDPE,PP,PS, and other. Then we got in the taxi to head back to the boats. Once we got to the boat, we collected our stuff for shore time and prepped the boat to dock and restock. We went to the shore and went on a FAT hike to the rosy’s, a local grocery shop, then had lunch at a very beautiful restaurant.

After shore time we all got excited because it was a super hot day and we were very happy to be getting in the water finally. We headed to the famous Baths to do some swimming and cliff jumping, we tried to swim from the dingy to shore in water shoes, we thought we would be able to swim there but ending up swimming so slow and laughing about it until we were choking on water. After climbing around and exploring for a bit, we went to a little beach and swam around, had underwater breathing competitions, played sharks and minnows, and just swam around and had a great time. Once we got back to the boat, we took disinfecting, down below showers. After showering, half the crew took part in helping plan and cook the most complex meal we’ve had comprised of 4 different types of pasta, regular, gluten-free, vegetarian and gluten-free vegetarian, bread salad and the much-awaited squash and zucchini. After dinner we squeezed, cleaned up while singing tons of songs then gathered in the salon to read the Irma Diaries. The Irma Diaries are a compilation of stories written by local survivors of the awful hurricane. The book was very sad, but I think that it gave the crew a better understanding of what the people living here have been through.