Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Tuesday, June 18th… AKA, The first real day of work. Starting with an early 6:15 morning, the skipper’s first duty of the day was to crank up the tunes to get the day started right. Once the crew was up, we set sail from Savanna Bay to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. After three days of sailing, fun, and getting accustomed to living on a boat, it was time for the service aspect of GoBeyond to begin. Thirty-one eager students and staff converged on Valley Day School ready to work. Though no one knew what we were getting into that day, it was clear that we would be put to work. Everything from pulling weeds, to collecting pellets, to cutting trees and relocating a large composting pile everyone was put to work. Getting the opportunity to work alongside the students of Valley Day and our fellow GoBeyond members was an excellent way to both get to know each other better and better understand why we are doing this service work. From an early morning start, everyone worked diligently well into the afternoon until all that could be done was done. Tired and weary, we all said our goodbyes to the young students and made our way back to the anchorage of Savanna Baby to reflect on the day and recover enough for another rewarding day of service tomorrow.