Location: Uvita

Today, after traveling to a waterfall and swimming for an hour, we headed back to our host families. After an hour of driving, we stopped for lunch near a river full of crocodiles. We ordered lunch and walked a bridge crossing over around 30 crocodiles that were at the surface being fed by tourists. After observing these terrifying creatures, we walked back to eat. I was full from my Alfredo pasta but still saved room for ice cream, as always. Isis and I walked down to Pops and left with three scoops of chocolate chip ice cream in a huge waffle cone; I was miserable after finishing it. When we got back in the van, I decided to start my word search book that my mom packed for me. Soon enough, Isis and I were in a seriously competitive game of who could find the most words. Oddly enough, the two French guys, Jules and Max, beat us by a landslide every time. After a couple of games, we noticed we had arrived back to Gail’s house where our host families would pick us up. Isis and I were extremely excited to be back. Although we loved the coast, we love our mom’s food and the Netflix they provide for us even more.